Cim Farm Circular Walk

The All Wales Coastal Path was officially opened on 5 May 2012. The 870 mile of path provides a continuous walking route around the whole of ‘the coast of Wales – from the outskirts of Chester in the north to Chepstow in the south.

The project to establish the Path has been co-ordinated by the Countryside Council for Wales and delivered by the respective local authorities in the areas through which the path passes.

Gwynedd Council has had responsibility for the longest section, which includes the 2 miles of the coastal headlands of Cim Farm. The work that has been done by Gwynedd Council to open up this 2 mile section along the coastline of Cim, includes the provision of a boardwalk over the waterfalls at Cim Pistyl, installation of a number of new kissing gates, reinstatement of existing clawdds and the erection of some new stock-proof fencing.

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The opening of safe accessibility to walkers along the 2 miles of the coastline of Cim, means that the opportunity now exists to take a circular walk around the complete boundaries of the 400 acres of Cim Farm.

The map to the side shows the route in blue of the Cim Farm section of the newly opened All Wales Coastal Footpath.

The map also shows in green the existing footpaths etc to be followed to complete the 3.2 miles of the Cim Farm Circular Path.

A word of caution in that Cim Farm is a mixed arable and livestock farm. Please therefore keep strictly to the delineated path, so as not to cause any damage to growing crops and so as to not interfere with any of the livestock on the farm land.

Although the All Wales Coastal Footpath is now opened to the public, Gwynedd Council still have some further works to complete. In particular all the directional signage is not yet in place and some of the path surfaces comprise of un-compacted soils and have yet to be bedded-in.

Cim farm circular walk
Cim apartments location


Cim Farm, Bwlchtocyn, Abersoch, LL53 7BY